Supplier Relationships are Important to manufacturing and distribution companies

Herb Shields, President of HCS Consulting has worked with manufacturers and distributors in Chicago.  As a purchasing consultant he has helped manufacturers and distributors to develop and maintain relationships with key suppliers.

Suppliers are just as important as customers in today’s business world.  If a key supplier has difficulties or goes out of business this can be a serious risk for a company.  Good supplier relationships are built on trust.  It is important that senior management take an active role in relationships with key suppliers.

Many companies have global supply chains with critical suppliers in every region of the world.  Communicating on a regular basis is important if a company is going to manage its supply chain risks.

Herb uses his 30+ years of purchasing management experience to develop and improve supplier relationships for clients.  Herb teaches Purchasing at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  He is a frequent speaker on Purchasing opportunities for industry groups in Chicago and across the USA.


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Herbert C. Shields, CMC

As President of HCS Consulting since 2000, Herb delivers bottom-line results for clients in purchasing and inventory management.

  • Reduced the cost of purchased materials and services by 20 – 40%
  • Improved inventory turns and customer service by 20 – 30%
  • Trained client personnel in purchasing and inventory management practices.

Satisfied clients include manufacturers and distributors in industrial products, rail equipment maintenance, dyes and pigments, personal care and household products, pharmaceuticals, and food products.