Purchasing Consulting - Chicago

Herb Shields, President of HCS Consulting has worked with manufacturers and distributors in Chicago.  As a purchasing consultant he has benefited companies by achieving these results:

  • Reduced direct material costs through negotiation and cost savings programs by up to 30%
  • Developed and implemented a strategic sourcing plan
  • Trained employees in the latest purchasing techniques
  • Recruited and hired qualified people to fill key purchasing jobs
  • Improved relationships and developed partnerships with key suppliers

Herb uses his 30+ years of purchasing management experience to achieve these results with clients.  Herb teaches Purchasing at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  He is a frequent speaker on Purchasing opportunities for industry groups in Chicago and across the USA.

Purchasing consultants will lower your costs of materials and services with our expertise in:

  • Chicagoland Supplier relations
  • Chicagoland Sourcing strategies
  • Chicagoland Training and development of personnel
  • Chicagoland Negotiation techniques
  • Chicagoland Cost reduction strategies
  • Chicagoland Ecommerce solutions

Inventory Consulting - Chicago

Improve inventory turnover and customer service by leveraging our:

  • Proven methods to improve record accuracy – the key to faster turns
  • Top down/bottom up approach to inventory analysis
  • Five-step process to reduce excess and obsolete inventory
  • Sales and Operations Process to mange inventory and improve decision making


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Herbert C. Shields, CMC

As President of HCS Consulting since 2000, Herb delivers bottom-line results for clients in purchasing and inventory management.

  • Reduced the cost of purchased materials and services by 20 – 40%
  • Improved inventory turns and customer service by 20 – 30%
  • Trained client personnel in purchasing and inventory management practices.

Satisfied clients include manufacturers and distributors in industrial products, rail equipment maintenance, dyes and pigments, personal care and household products, pharmaceuticals, and food products.